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REST - Moon River - 3 baths or 7 baths

REST - Moon River - 3 baths or 7 baths

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"The ultimate act of power is surrender."


A surrendering to rest bath salt consisting of Celtic Sea Salt (high in minerals), Epsom Salt (high in magnesium), organic essential oils of Rose and Lavender, flower remdie of Passionflower®.


(picture on packaging by Ariëtte Loeffen)


    Introducing Moon River, a luxurious bath salt designed to help you unwind and relax after a long day. Handcrafted with flower remedies, this bath salt is infused with the delicate scent of rose and lavender, creating a calming atmosphere that soothes the senses. With a high concentration of magnesium, it helps to reduce stress and promote a good night's sleep. 

    Perfect for moon rituals, this bath salt is a must-have for anyone looking to unwind and reconnect with their inner self. Indulge in a luxurious soak and let the healing properties of this bath salt work their magic.


    Pour in the bath ·

    Disconnect from technology ·

    If you feel called, recite the ritual ·

    Soak ·

    Nurture yourself ·


    Releases negative energy in the body and converts it into positive energy. As a result, you can face life in peace, knowing that you are always protected.

    Opens up to new insights and (lost) knowledge at a higher level.

    Can be used in all situations where rest is desired.

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