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REVITALIZE - Energetic Cleanse - 3 baths

REVITALIZE - Energetic Cleanse - 3 baths

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"You can always begin again"


Packaging for 3 single baths or 6 footbaths.


A revitalising bath salt consisting of Celtic Sea Salt (high in minerals), Epsom Salt (high magnesium), organic essential oils of Bergamot, Blood Orange and Grapefruit, New Dawn Essence of Waterfall®.


(picture on packaging by Eelke Renscke Bekkenutte)


    REVITALIZE - Energetic Cleanse bath salt is the perfect solution for anyone looking to rejuvenate and cleanse their mind, body, and soul. Handmade with flower remedies and high magnesium essence, this bath salt is designed to help you let go of everything that doesn't serve you. 

    Each package includes enough for three luxurious baths, making it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

    You can enjoy the benefits of this revitalizing bath salt anytime you need a little pick-me-up. Transform your bath into a purifying ritual with REVITALIZE - Energetic Cleanse.


    Pour in the bath ·

    Disconnect from technology ·

    If you feel called, recite the ritual ·

    Soak ·

    Nurture yourself ·


    Feeling one with nature. A vibration of healing energy rises from the earth. A soothing energy surrounds you from the cosmos. This process takes place in complete safety. Cleans everything, that takes you out of your center. On a deep level. Feeling a connection with all life and feeling at home within yourself.

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60 Grams
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