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Bath Ritual

Make your bath ritual sacred .

To elevate your (foot) bath we now have a special collaboration: A guided 14 minute meditation especially made for the Moon River bath soak. 

Purchase a bath ritual and you will get

  • 3 Moon River Salts good for 3 baths or 6 foot baths.

  • Acces to the guided audio meditation for 3 months


Meditation by Cris Puurhierzijn.

You can listen unlimited for 3 months to the meditation here on the website in the log in space under Meditation Log In, after purchase.

  • Bath Ritual

    A 14 minute meditation +including 3 Moon River Bath Salts
    Valid for 3 months
    • Guided meditation audio to listen to for 3 months
    • 3x Moon River Bath Salt
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